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Executing the bruting as per the plan has been always challenging and a lengthy iterative process, particularly while bruting Fancy shape diamonds. Now you have a very effective Fancy bruting machine resulting in a very high quality final bruting as per your SMART-AnyCut and SMART-Asymmetric RBC plan.

Here comes AQUA2 FancyBruter to precisely follow your plan. In recent years, the Fancy cut allocation is stretched to achieve extra mass while maintaining beautiful fold symmetry, the look, and the cut grade. The operator must get an opportunity to follow the plan with utmost precision. AQUA2 FancyBruter helps in the process

Software Screenshots

Aqua2 Fancy Bruter Operating Video

Salient Features

Field of view 16 mm x 10 mm.
Size Range 3.00 mm to 15.0 mm
Diamond shapes All convex shapes
Camera pixel size 0.009 mm
CMOS Camera 1/1.2” (1920 x 1200)
Direct measurement 0.001 mm least count (radius)
Input from SMART AnyCut & Recut software Carbon
Warranty 12 months
Top light Adaptive Light
Back light Yes
Diamond holding Glued at Table
Machine dimension 610L x 775W x 625H mm
Weight 110kg
Power supply 230V 50Hz Single Phase – 400watts

Price (Ex-works)
Module Price in €
Aqua2 Fancy Bruter € 32000* (without Computer and Compressor)
* Quantity Discount
Qty Discount
1 to 2 0 %
3 to 5 2.5 %
6 to 15 5 %
16 to 40 7.5 %
41+ 12.5 %

Terms & Conditions
  • Additional 10% discount to the company who orders the first 10 units under a single order.
  • The offer is valid for single order and single payment only.
  • The discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other company.
  • The payment should be in 100% advance.
  • Discount valid till 31st June, 2024.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that price for an order that LEXUS SOFTMAC has accepted.
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