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Rough Stone
Blocking Stone
Polish Round Brilliant Stone
Polish Cushion Stone

MODELS Channel 1 Channel 2
Camera CMOS 1/1.2" 1936 x 1216 BW CMOS 1/1.2" 1936 x 1216 BW
Resolution (mm/pixel) 0.0007 0.0059
Field of View (mm x mm) 1.41 x 0.89 11.3 x 7.1
Rough size 0.10 to 500 Ct
Diamond type Rough, blocked or polished
Inclusion viewing Through flat faces or under immersion Glass
Inclusion type Any, including VVS, graining, cracks, crystals, etc..
Diamond holding Glue assisted for rough and between pins for polish
Inclusion plotting Auto suggestion and orientation from next direction
Auto plotting under iG Cube Yes
Lighting Advance Adaptive Light (iG light included with iG license)
Diamond Movements Motorized - 5 axes (X,Y, Z, Rx and Ry)
Report Carbon viewer - example
Plan sharing for approval Cutwise - My solution example
Warranty 12 months from date of installation
Weight 40 kgs
Dimensions (mm) 620 (W) x 415 (D) x 655 (H)
Power Consumption 250 W (110-220V 50-60Hz)

Price (Ex-works)
Price with Computer w/o monitor in Euro € € 77,050.00 (introductory price)
All The Prices Are Ex-Works, Surat, Excluding Freight, Insurance, Packing & Forwarding and Taxes
Delivery Antwerp Brussels Johannesburg Melbourne New York Tokyo
Additional CIF Rates € € 1,400.00 € 1,190.00 € 1,190.00 € 1,190.00 € 1,550.00 € 1,190.00
Add Freight, Insurance & Cartage for following destination to arrive at CIF Delivery Rates.

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