Monthly Master Class Registration

Venue: F03 To F06, Gujarat Hira Bourse, Gem & Jewellery Park, Ichhapore, Surat-394510.

Disclaimer: We will put our best efforts to get the best out of the stone brought to us by the company representative. We cannot be held responsible for anything going against the plan.

Who will benefit / Eligibility The participating company should select maximum two persons, one of which should be progressive polisher who has aptitude towards learning and diamond planning. The other person has to be someone senior in management who can communicate back to office about the decisions taken during the MMC, and get necessary permissions.
Duration: 3 days in a row – 6 hrs a day
Date & Time: 8 th Feb to 10th Feb – 10 am to 5 pm
Task: Design, optimize and Execute the selected plan
Cut: RBC or generic Fancy cut
Size of makeable stone: 0.40 Ct to 2.00 Ct
Condition of stone: Makeable ready with major operations done, with low stress
Color / Clarity: D to Z (none fancy color) / better than SI2
Required tools: All pots and dops required for cutting and polishing
Total number of participants in first batch: 10 (5 companies)
Entry Criteria: First come First