Pacor Client Method 2013 - FAQ

Date : 15th May 2013


What is new in this update?
  • Two completely new methods are developed, which greatly improves allocation speed. Allocation at times is 15 to 20 times faster than previous methods. For very complex projects with many inclusions, it allocates around 100 times faster.
  • Better Optimization Solutions.


Who will benefit out of it?
  • Existing users of Helium Rough and Pacor Client software.


Will the new method improve the result? Will this method be 100% better than the old methods like Adaptive 09 etc… Or we have chances of getting better results in old methods also?
  • During the standard test, on the known projects we have, we found that there was an additional value gain of around 2.5% to 3.5% due to this advance algorithm over earlier algorithm. Please note, this is the average gain noticed. On individual stones, the gain was between 0% to 10% (on a few stones). On some projects the result from Adaptive 09 was better. We are using this data to improve the algorithm.
  • For some simple projects, the gain was close to 0%.
  • As per our tests, we found quite better results with this new methods but we can’t deny any scope for improvement, and hence you are requested to send all projects which fetches higher value then this methods to us, with used appraise and pricelist. This will help us better the algorithm.


Will the new method gives highest value plan? Is there any possibilities of getting higher value using “TOOL”?
  • New method is developed based on previous feedback. During our testing we found couple of projects where we are getting higher value while using “TOOL”. We will continue trying improve the allocation algorithm.


Is this upgrade free?
  • No.


What is the upgrade charge per license?
  • Euro 1125 if 1 PC key is upgraded at a time.
  • Euro 1025 if 2 to 4 PC keys are upgraded at a time.
  • Euro 900 if 5 to 9 PC keys are upgraded at a time.
  • Euro 850 if 10 or more PC keys are upgraded at a time.


Can I have any free trial - Demo?
  • One of your existing PC key will be upgraded for use till 31st July 2013.


Is this upgrade free on Pacor client Rent?
  • PC-Rent is received on rent by the user for a period of 6 months. So whatever update is available at the time of renting, is included in the package.


I have purchased one new PC in April 2013. Am I able to get this update free of any charges?
  • Yes. The update will be free in such case.


Will this update available for Oxygen inclusion or OI-Rent?
  • Yes.


How fast is allocation? How much time I can expect to gain?
  • For complex projects with a lot of inclusions, the allocation with new method can be as fast as 100 times for 13-Cascade 2M and around 15 times for 13-Single-M.
  • For very simple projects with no inclusions, there is no gain in time.


What about Oxygen Client and M-Box update?
  • For Method 2013 (methods - 13-Cascade 2M, 13-Single-M) update, terms and condition are same as that for Pacor Client. Apart from this method update, a few updates, like “Recognition” in oxygen program is available for free.


Why should I buy this upgrade?
  • You will be able to make allocations much faster, and get better results in some cases, thereby reducing your requirement of PC.

This will reduce your capex and opex considerably.