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World Leader in Production & Development of Tools & Equipment for Diamond Processing

Welcome to Lexus SoftMac

Lexus is a group of companies engaged in manufacturing, sales and servicing of equipment / technology used in planning, bruting, polishing, grading and marketing of diamonds. We have built a remarkable reputation for ourselves in the Diamond Industry over the years, while religiously pursue strong value system.

About us

The group engineering unit was established in 1946 in the name of M/s. Nanabhai Hargovandas Iron Works. In the year 1964, Arvind and his brothers from the second generation, included lathe machines and other machines tools into their product list. Under the technical excellence of subsequent generation the group progressed steadily and firmly. In the year 1991, three brothers from the third generation, diversified in the field of diamond processing machinery manufacturing and technology development under the name of Lexus. The group's 100% export oriented unit was established in the year 1999. In the year 2002 Lexus collaborated with OctoNus Software Ltd, a world leader in Diamond allocation and rendering software. In 2004-05 Lexus collaborated with Rico Tools, Belgium and HRD Equipments, Antwerp. In 2008 Lexus entered in to a joint venture with Lemon Technologies, a group company of astute consultants, to start an up-end Knowledge Process Outsourcing service company under the name of Lemon TechnoMist.