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Lexus Group, founded in 1992, is committed to strive towards offering most profitable solution for Gem Diamond industry.

What makes us so special in terms of innovation.

If you have observed us in these last 25 years, the customer beneficiation is not just our topmost priority, but our ethical pledge.

The core of our research is to work towards growth of the industry, which has brought us fame, trust & respect, even when there are limited or no monetary gains for us. We believe in...INVENT – INNOVATE – INTRODUCE


From last more than 12 years we had been organizing a monthly meet with our esteem clients, to exchange ideas on new development and update their knowledge thru series of talks. It is now time to move further. We want to be more effective in our philosophy of sharing knowledge with our clients.

From February 2018, we are switching to MONTHLY MASTER CLASS (MMC).

The first MMC will be held in the month of February 2018. This MMC will cover the subject of DESIGN-OPTIMIZE-EXECUTE.

The philosophy will be to give hands on experience to a few, who can carry it forward in their own organization.

  • "Fancy Shape Symmetry" - Importance of precision in cutting fancy shape diamond, to achieve required planned performance.
  • Galahad Compass Version 4.8.14 Updates.
  • Helium Polish Oxygen Version 4.7.27 Updates.
  • Galahad training experience with first 5 company’s polishers trained at Lexus & new Galahad Compass update.
  • Oval wBT Facetware type grid appraiser in HPO-SR.
  • Features of Helium Polish Oxygen Version.
  • DiBox2.0 Widget Options Updates for Easier E-Commerce Application on your own web portal. Cutwise Update 3.15. Getting various parametric data like Fire / Brilliance / Optical symmetry and Cut Performance. (https://cutwise.com/mwidget?p=6_T898)
  • HPO - (Helium Polish Oxygen Server Beta 4.5.12) Discussions on New Updates
  • GALAHAD Compass update (HPO Compass v. 4.5.19) - Use of Girdle Marking and complete step by step explanation to ensure twice as productions then normal with higher accuracies in facet angle and azimuth.
  • HPO Smart Recut Updates (HPOxygen 4.5.12)
  • Case Studies
    • Helum Rough / MBox - Immersion Glass.
    • Oxygen X-Ray.
    • EOS Bruting.
    • Pavilion Reflect
  • When the stone is in blocked condition and when smart recut plan is being made, very shallow and very deep cavities pose a big problem in making right estimation and accurate planning. Typical Scanning with whitener liquid is completely ineffective and inefficient. X-Ray Micro CT is the only solution, which will be discussed with some case studies.
  • Galahad Compass - Learning how to use it.
  • DiBox 2.0 New Updates. New UV Fluorescence / Color / Fire / Optical symmetry index Study
  • Helium Rough Export Utility.
  • M-Box / HPO / Grade Estimator Updates
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25th to 30th December 2017 @ Lexus SoftMac, Ichhapore, Surat
Lexus Organized Live Demo of 5 New Products
Galahad: a revolutionary polishing technology,
Helium Polish Oxygen Crown Reflect: the guru of helium polish scanner,
Oxygen X-Ray Tomography: Very Precise narrow cavity / open crack measurement,
Oxygen Smart Fancy: Smart Allocation algorithm for all Fancy Shape @ any stage.
DiBox2.0: Rapid Photo & Movie Capturing System.
Between 25th to 30th December 2017, in two separate time slots
(9:30am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 5:30pm) we hope you will take this opportunity, and confirm the date and time of your visit, preferably before
20th December 2017, on
Call / WhatsApp: +91-9825943071 or
Email : suresh@lexusindia.in.

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Diamond Manufacturing Process

Latest Works

Browse the list of current products designed to help you during different diamond manufacturing stages.
Oxygen X-Ray Tomography
Oxygen X-Ray Tomography Very Precise narrow cavity/ open crack measurement.
DiBox 2.0
DiBox 2.0 Rapid Photo & Movie Capturing System, Capture images of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment, True color, Fluorescence image, Swing & figure of ∞ (8) movies & Live Photo capturing system.
Galahad Compass
Galahad "Compass" a revolutionary polishing technology
Galahad a revolutionary polishing technology
Oxygen Smart Fancy
Oxygen Smart Fancy Smart Allocation algorithm for all Fancy Shape @ any stage
Helium Rough
Helium Rough Accuracy of 3D Inclusion placement as close as 0.03 mm
iGM 2.0
iGM 2.0 Semiautomatic Molding system for immersion Glass Cubes.
Helium iG Scanner
HiG Scanner Very High Depth of Sharpness for better viewing of inclusion
M-Box 2.0
M-Box 2.0 6 Axis – Completely Motorized Microscopic - 3D Automatic Inclusion Plotting System.
Econo Bruter MarkII
Econo Bruter Mark II user friendly interface Roundness between 0.005 to 0.020
EOS Bruter (HRD)
EOS Bruter (HRD) A automatic machine for bruting and girding Diamonds, Suitable for stone size of 0.2ct to 250cts
EOS Fancy Bruter (HRD)
EOS Fancy Bruter (HRD) automatic machine for bruting and girdling diamonds for all shapes
PlanO'Mill Planetary movement of scaife, you can achieve perfect smoothing on your stone
Helium Polish Oxygen
Helium Polish Oxygen 3D Modeling Accurancy Better Then 0.010mmm For Realistic Image Modeling Smart Re Cut.
Helium Polish Oxygen
HPP to HPO upgrade Conversion from HPP to HPO.
Helium Polish Oxygen Crown Reflect
HPO Crown Reflect Accurately Crown Facet Junction Correction - Very useful for fancy shapes
Helium Polish Oxygen Pavilion Reflect
HPO Pavilion Reflect Accurately Pavilion Facet Junction Correction - Very useful for fancy shapes
ViBox Video Box will allow the manufacturer to prepare images and movies for the diamond and diamond jewelry.
DiBox Rapid Photography System, Capture images of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environment and make it ready for Printing or web publishing.
Avalnon Plus
Avalon+ (HRD) Objective Grading ‘Smoothness’ and more
Tender-Scope (HRD)
Tender-Scope (HRD) The very portable cordless microscope.
ALPHA Diamond Analyzer
ALPHA Diamond Analyzer (HRD) Diamond detection and type screening instrument.
D-Scope (HRD) The Indispensable analysis tool for all diamonds.
D-Screen (HRD) The Indispensable analysis tool for all diamonds
Laser Incription
Laser Incription (BLS) It's a completely safe marking / branding at any place girdle / facet / table.
Ideal-Scope Simple brilliance gauge; white light transmitted from behind the diamond; often called leakage
AGS Aset Scope
AGS Aset Scope The Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool
Heart and Arrow
Heart and Arrow To See Heart and Arrow in Polished Diamond
Stress Scope
Stress Scope A Small and Handy instrument to confirm the Stress
Oxygen DZ Lite
Oxygen DZ Lite D to Z color estimation to optimize value from Rough
Asymmetric Smart Recut
HPO Smart Planning / Recut Software To optimize blocked and pre-polished RBCs based on GIA Facetware with “My GIA” limits.
Helium Tender
Helium Tender Portable Inclusion and Value based Planner (With Cavity Mapping
Analyser Mainly for parameter distribution and cut class analysis
Laser Girdle Marker
Laser Girdle Marker Fully Automatic Girdle Laser Marking
Maya 2
Maya II value based planning equipment, made suitable for small stone and makeables
Air Brush Painting Box
Airbrush Painting Box Opaque uniform paint for accurate model Motorised rotary stage for uniform paint.
Sawing Attechment
Sawing Attachment Completely Automatic Electronic Sawing Attachment
EOS Combo Bruter
EOS Combo Bruter 0 to 60 Variable Table + Facet Blocking + ConeBruting all in one...
Double Spindle Bruter
Double Spindle Bruter Zero Backlash Negative Clearance Better Roundness
Rotary Stick For Double Spindle Bruter and Sigle Spindle Bruter
Rotary Stick Makes your bruting Easier – Faster – Safer
Western 2 Seater Mill
Western 2 Seater Polishing Mill To polish the diamond on diamond polishing scaife rotaing at around 2880 rpm, while holding the diamond in hand held tools and fixtures.
4 Seater Polishing Mill
4 Seater Polishing Mill To Polish the diamond on diamond polish scaife rotatin at around 2880 rpm, while holding the diamond in hand held tools and fixtures.
Girdle Marker
Girdle Marker To Girdle Mark the Bruted ston for top and bottom facet termination demarcation.
Micro Blaster
Micro Blaster (HRD) A machine which using Black Laser removes the residues from diamonds.
Morgana (HRD) The accurate solution for a perfect cut
Oxygen DZ Plus +
Oxygen DZ+ D to Z color estimation: Enhancing value while planning/optimizing
Grade Estimator
Grade Estimator Quick estimation and comparison of grade baseed on different laboratories
DiamCalc Mainly for parameter distripution and cut class analysis
GIA Facetware
GIA Facetware Lexus brings you GIA FacetWare inclusive of the objective symmetry grading...
Pacor Client
Pacor Client Detecting the most profitable option of rough marking.
Oxygen Inclusion
Oxygen Inclusion To localize inclusion using photographs from pacor / Helium System.
Interactive 3D Report
Interactive 3D Report Paperless Mordern Accurate 3D Report
Cutwise Platform (Cloud) Added Value Diamond Online Trading On cutwise website with Precise Diamond details

Case Studies

Here you will find the latest happenings at Lexus. New Videos, New Case Studies, Presentations etc.

What We Do

Lexus competes on all fronts to provide you with the best solutions to the problems you face at every step from evaluating rough diamond at the mine to selling polish diamond to the consumer at the retail counter.
  • Sales

    Win-Win With Clients, Provide Continuous Updates, In-Time Delivery.

  • New Product's Development

    2 New Products
    Every Year,
    Phase Out Old Products

  • Relation with Partners

    We shall always
    strive to generate
    Optimum Profit for Partners.

  • Quality Management

    Continuously Develop New Tools,
    No Gains at the
    cost of Quality.

  • Research and Development

    R&D, Association based

  • Relation With Clients

    Going out of way
    to help Clients,
    Knowledge Sharing.

  • Work Place

    Safe & Healthy
    Work Environment,
    Provide Latest technology

  • Production

    Conti. work on Value Enginer. to reduct cost input keeping the value same

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Diamond Photography
Diamond Jewelery Video and Photography
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Machinery Training (LexusUni)
Monthly Client Confernace
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Lexus takes pride in every individual that works here. Working collaboratively by combining their experience and expertise has helped elevate Lexus throughout the years.
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Janak Mistry



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Suresh Umrigar

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Nilesh Vaghmashi

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Bipin Jariwala

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Lead Rico Tools A/c Manager


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Divyesh Bardoliwala

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Divyesh Patel

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We Value Quality Over Quantity

We shall finalize only such deals that promises growth to our clients.

We shall work in such a network that helps our customers to solve their queries and also provide them continuous information of latest developments.

We shall provide all the required training to our clients which will not only help them to gain product's knowledge but also help them to make optimum utilization of the product purchased.

For selling products to new clients, we shall never resort to short cuts like switching the operators from one client to another.

We shall never entertain any bribing/commission to clients' officers or managers towards the accomplishment of any desired task.

We shall always aim at continuous improvement in the quality with an intention of providing the best quality to it clients.

Delivery of the ordered product shall always be provided in time as we not only value our own time but also of our clients.

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